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Emmeline - Someone To Be (Official Music Video)

"Someone To Be" (featuring Sammy Blaze) (c) Emmeline 2011 Directed by Jon C. Blaze. Starring Abby Marchessault (dancer), Mandy Caulkins (visual artist), Sammy Blaze (wordsmith), and Emmeline. Stream the entire Someone To Be album at Download "Someone To Be" at or on iTunes at Follow Emmeline:


Live from the living room. Pretty sure the Cowboys were playing in the other room. No sustain pedal and no makeup. :) Just me, you, and my sad little song. Hope you like it!

Siberia by Emmeline (Live!)

No, it's not a Backstreet Boys cover, haha. Their song, "Siberia," is really lovely, though. This is a new song about heartbreak. I played it live at Buon Giorno Coffee, and John got it on video, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Please let me know what you think! New songs are always a bit scary. :) Here are the lyrics: "Siberia" Emmeline (c) 2012 I can erase My heart from my face My need from my pace My hope from your name I can control The strength of my bones The weight of my tone Your place in my home I'm a concrete temple drawn with smooth stone walls But I dropped my drawbridge just so you could cross Now I'm in pieces of rocks; still bleeding mortar and dust And you're fine You're fine CHORUS I used to think I was colder than anyone I used to think you were the light to my dark But now I know I'm just a winter day in Texas And you are the heart of Siberia You sang to me We traded harmonies Chromatic honesty I gave you everything Your voice felt like velvet on sandpaper skin And your eyes were a sea that I was drowning in Now, I wake every night, gasping for air and on fire But you're fine You're fine CHORUS You froze me out with a smile and you hugged me goodbye And your gracious autonomy taught me how to cry 'Cause I still love the man that I hoped you'd be But I bet the stranger you are never stops to think of me Like a gentle drop of rain or a touch of the wind I'm just something you felt for a second, Never something you'll miss CHORUS If you like what you hear, please subscribe! Let's be friends: You can also download free stuff at :)

"Call Me Maybe"/"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (Live Carly & Taylor Mashup!)

So...I call this my Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind remix. 'Cause, you know, us girls...we have this tendency to change our minds. Plus, I have a feeling that these two songs totally bookended a relationship for someone out there. Maybe multiple someones out there. And it amuses me a lot that relationships go from, "Hey, call me maybe!" to "We are never ever getting back, ever." And I really, really enjoy throwing pop songs together when they're in the same key. ;) I know it's kind of dark. I'm sorry it's dark. :/ can hear stuff, right? Hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed playing it! This was filmed at Buon Giorno Coffee in Grapevine, TX on 9/8/12. :) HUGE thanks to John for filming! If you like what you hear, let's be friends: You can buy my original stuff here: Or download songs FOR FREE here!: